Greater than the Sum: Forming an Arts Nonprofit (webinar)

Have a solo or group project, concert series, or other arts initiative but don’t know how to form a nonprofit, or not sure if it’s right for you? Thought about fiscal sponsorship, but not sure what it is, let alone how to get it? And when you do have these structures in place, how do they work and what do you even do with them?

There are so many benefits to fiscal sponsorship and establishing a 501c3 for both individuals and groups. Most people know you can accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants–two VERY important abilities–but did you know you can also:

  • limit your personal liability?
  • offer benefits including health, retirement, and life insurance?
  • incentivize bringing experts into your organization via volunteer board membership?
  • get special mailing rates?
  • pay no tax on most purchases for your organization?

In this two-hour webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of fiscal sponsorships, why and when you should form an arts nonprofit, and the steps needed to form one in any US state, all from the prospective of a musician who created a 501c3 that went on to become a million dollar organization. We’ll also touch on nonprofit structure, governance models, board development, finance, fundraising, donor cultivation, and grant writing. You’ll leave with the knowledge and resources needed to form and run your own nonprofit, including downloadable worksheets with itemized steps to forming a nonprofit, links to further information, and other resources.

What attendees have said:

“The pacing and the overview made the entire picture clear despite it being a complex subject”

“I thought the webinar was well-thought out, prepared, and comprehensive. I wasn’t expecting it to make me think differently about my full-time job at a nonprofit, but it did! Thanks!”

“This was so thought-provoking and helpful for our next steps in becoming a nonprofit! I found the powerpoint and presentation to be surprisingly specific and relevant, with a lot of very actionable and applicable steps for us. It was particularly helpful to see your Illinois examples (as a Chicago-based ensemble). I will also say that receiving the follow up packet, though I haven’t gotten a change to dig into it yet, is a game changer.”

Price: $79

Nick Photinos is a four-time Grammy winning cellist and founding Co-Artistic Director of Eighth Blackbird from 1996-2019. He created Eighth Blackbird Performing Arts Association in 2003 to expand the reach of the organization, helping it reach a budget of over $1 million, and served on numerous committees during his tenure, including multi-year service on the executive, finance, and governance committees.