Nonprofit consulting

I reached out to Nick Photinos for help with a dream project that I’d been doing for a few years. Despite the project going successfully with fantastic results and feedback, I was exhausted doing it and going in the red financially to make it happen and I wasn’t able to see any solutions. I was in despair, frustrated and ready to give up on it.
In just a one hour discussion, Nick listened deeply to the many elements and challenges involved and really got to the heart of what I was dealing with. He then proceeded to facilitate a discussion with curiosity that led to seeing new outcomes and possibilities I hadn’t considered or thought possible before.
What resulted was renewed energy, vision and strategy that ultimately led me to a much better outcome where my work got greater visibility, higher quality participants and for the first time a profitable and sustainable result.
Nick brings his vast experience, heart and generosity of spirit to his work with people. He cares deeply and truly wants to help you find your solutions and be successful. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Dana Fonteneau

Consultant, Speaker, Author